HP Deskjet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Color Printer Review

The best home printer should be more adaptable than a regular printer since the propelled household needs to print out a vast range of documents. As often as possible, you will realize the need to print out forms and reports. Besides, a home printer that can work outstandingly, printing your get-away snaps, will save you from running out of money. Moreover, you don’t need a typically large and monstrous business printer. No matter what, one should look for printers that take up a little bit of the room and be laser or ink-based.

Notwithstanding what size of household and family demands you have, on this summary, you’ll find the best home printer for your necessities.

HP always makes their quality product by undertaking all their customer’s requirements at reasonable rates. Their product designing is on the next level and can be fixed in any kind of home interiors. Plus, HP has a wide range of available printers, and they are very durable. All products are easy to use. With new rages of HP printers always gives hassle-free experience. You can get prints whenever you want wherever you’re seated in the range of the same Wi-Fi connection.

HP Deskjet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Color Printer

HP Deskjet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Color Printer

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HP desk jet 1112 single function ink advantage printer can be used for one purpose only to print color contents with the ink advantage system. HP is known for its ink advantage option to get us to help in high-quality printings. This printer is perfect for the home, and small offices demand less printing requirements. Also, it can be fit in any small place. Its price is affordable for anyone who wants to buy it. Additionally, this printer comes with 1-year of manufacturing warranty.

Salient Features of HP Deskjet 1112

  • Capacity for Printing

Before you, any Printer, the knowledge of regular printing capacity, and the monthly duty cycle become mandatory for every buyer. This printer can print less than 1000 pages per month regularly. If we talk about the Monthly duty cycle capacity, the HP desk jet 1115 printer can print up to 1000 pages per month.

  • Size of Paper Supports

We all know that in the market, many types of printers are available for different types of printing purposes. Some of them are perfect for regular use means only that it can only print normal daily use paper sizes. To know the paper size becomes an essential detail before buying any printer. This printer supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope printing options. In these sizes, it can print on Plain paper, Brochure paper, and Photo Paper types. 

  • Printing Costs

If we are going to use a printer, then it is evident that it operates with electricity. Eventually, knowing the regular electricity use while printing makes us choose a better printer, which can consume less power for cost. As per the ISO standards, it costs 4.8INR for black prints and around 6.6INR for color printings.

  • Resolutions

If we print our essential documents and don’t get any clarity in pictures and any sort of punctuation, then it is useless. The resolution of any prints is more important than its cost. This printer can print documents with the resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI (optimized one for color printing) and up to the resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI (rendered one for black printing). 

  • Cartridges Specifications

When it comes to Cartridges of colors, then HP always satisfies their customers on that quality. HP desk jet 1115 printer uses specific HP 803 tri-color and black color ink cartridges. Whenever we buy this printer, it comes with it in 1-1 quantities. According to ISO Standards, by using one cartridge, this printer can print up to 190 pages in Black and white approximately.

  • Printing Speed

According to ISO standards of laser printing capability, it can print in Black and white up to 7.5 prints per minute (ppm) in Professional mode. Also, it can print up to 20 prints per minute in general office mode. For color printings, it can print up to 5.5 prints per minute on professional mode and 16 prints per minute on general office mode. We can also say that on other terms that it can print any 10 x 15 size of the photo in 66 seconds.

Buying Guide for HP Deskjet 1112

We have generated some buying guidelines for your better knowledge to buy a perfect printer according to your requirements:

1) Type of Printer

Many kinds of printers are available and suitable for different types of workloads—for example, Ink Tank, Ink-Jet, or Laser. For occasional, less load uses. Ink type printers can be the best option for you. If your workload is heavy and wants some speedy work, then laser printers are the best choice.

2) Multi-functioning

It is a necessary thing to focus on whenever you buy a brand-new printer. In every project, there are some needs, some scanning and photo printing, and normal printings. To complete that work efficiently, you need to look into specifications like scanning, printing, photocopy, etc.

3) Speed of Printing

Basically, the speed of printing depends upon whether the printing type is black or color one. Today’s latest printers mostly print 40-50 prints per minute. The average printing speed for normal printers can print 6-10 pages per minute or images per minute.

4) Cost

Nowadays, due to the latest technologies, you can get 4-5 paisa per print. Plus, in bulk printings, you can take more advantages as well.

5) Yield

This specification is measured when your ink cartridge is loaded fully. Usually, printers have a ratio of 1000 or more pages yield capacity. If we talk about some budget-friendly printers, their function is around 500-page yield, and that’s not even that much worse.

6) Duplex Printing & ADF

Auto duplexing featuring has become very common nowadays with Automatic documentation feeding technology as well. It is possible in your budget you might not get both features in your printer. Make sure you try to get an ADF featured printer for you for your more ease.

7) Mobile Accessible

Mobile printing is the most important thing for your printers. Most of the modern printers come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility options.

8) Support and Warranty

Most of the printer companies have friendly customer services for their customer’s ease. Usually, most of the printers come with the one year or two years of manufacturing warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the common issues regarding the printing process?

  • Network related issues.
  • Paper stuck in-between process.
  • Sometimes, inks fade away.
  • Due to not doing servicing regularly, mechanical parts may be stuck in between the process.

2) Does HP 1112 printer support a mobile connection for printing?

It does not support wireless printing options. To print through mobile connections, you can first install the mobile app for a printer after that can connect OTG cable to the printer and select the images for printings.

3) What is the best format for documents for printing?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a more suggested document format for printing because it has more consistency of documentations while printing.

4) Does HP 1112 support Duplex printing options?

No, HP 1112 only supports standard printing options. So, if you are looking for a more versatile option, you can always look for other alternatives.

5) Does HP 1112 face any heating issues? If yes, then how to work on it to reduce heating?

Yes, sometimes it gets heated up after bulk printing. To avoid such a problem, you can print in gaps of some seconds or minutes in slots. This is an issue that you can face from every other printer on the market.

Concluding Words

According to the cost, this is a magnificent Color business printer and scanner (and FAX). It generally makes high-quality photographic prints on specific papers (mattes and shines are superior to glossies). The main genuine drawback is the clamor level, and it might have an issue of paper getting stuck in between. To know more about the product and their offers, you can check this product online.

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