Best Portable Photo Printers In India 2022

Life is all about creating memories, and photos contribute greatly to creating memories. Keeping photos on your smartphone is one thing and printing them out in physical form is entirely different. Instead of a standard printer, you can buy a portable photo printer that can fit in your pocket, and you can take a printout anywhere you are.

Thereby, you can create instant memories on the spot and you can give them to others as well. We have selected the best portable photo printers in India for you to choose from.

Best Portable Photo Printers In India

1) Fujifilm Instax

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Printer (Gold)

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To make sure there will be fast performance, this one has a printing speed of 10 seconds. The portable photo printer will provide you with high-resolution images so that there will be detailed gradations. Additionally, it comes with a new laser exposure system and you can power it with a rechargeable battery.

It is available in a lightweight design and is alcohol-free. Furthermore, the product has maximum compatibility and it comes with Wi-Fi technology. Moreover, you can use it directly with the Instax Share app. It also comes with other features including a reprint button and high luminance LED.


  • Rechargeable battery for a wire-free experience.
  • Fast printing speed for saving time.
  • Maximum compatibility for user advantage.


  • There is nothing wrong to point out.

2) Lifeprint Photo

Lifeprint Photo AND Video Printer. Augmented Reality makes your photos come to life. 2x3 no ink photos: White

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Allowing you to take photos from anywhere you want, this one comes in a highly portable design. The photo printer also lets you create high-quality photos and it can provide complete photo editing. Moreover, it lets you print directly from various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Apple Live.

Furthermore, you can have life-like photos by adding filters and memes. Despite being small, this comes with high capabilities. It lets you use it with the help of a rechargeable battery and comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Additionally, it also lets you lock it with the help of a security lock.


  • Complete photo editing for customized printouts.
  • Locking feature for secure performance.
  • High-resolution printing for outstanding results.


  • The battery life could be higher.

3) Canon SELPHY

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer (White)

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Using this portable photo printer will provide you with water-resistant prints. It lets you connect it with your tablet or smartphone and print directly with the help of a USB device. Furthermore, this also supports wireless printing and you can create your personal booth style printouts.

Moreover, the product is easy to use and comes with a tilt-up LCD screen of 3.2 inches. This also allows you to connect it with other devices so that you can take out multiple prints. Additionally, you can even share photos directly to Instagram or Facebook and it also lets you make fun collages. It is available in a pocket-friendly design for easy carrying.


  • Lightweight construction for hassle-free portability.
  • Large LCD screen for easy operation.
  • Multiple connectivity options for multiple prints.


  • There is no con as such.

4) HP Sprocket Portable

HP Sprocket Portable 2x3 Inch Instant Photo Printer (Black Noir) Print Pictures on Zink Sticky-Backed Paper From

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Here is a portable photo printer that lets you have hassle-free use. This comes in a complete set and includes warranty and regulator sheets. Furthermore, it lets you connect with multiple friends so that you can print simultaneously. You will also find personalized LED lights and you can power it with a USB charging port.

Additionally, this lets you edit photos using the HP Sprocket app. It allows you to add filters, stickers, and borders. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature makes sure there will be exceptional performance. Moreover, the device will automatically go to sleep mode for saving battery.


  • Complete set prevents buying anything extra.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for remarkable performance.
  • Sleep mode function for saving power.


  • Picture quality could be better.

5) Canon IVY Mobile

Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer through Bluetooth(R), Slate Gray

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This one comes with a Bluetooth feature so that there will be a wireless experience. The portable photo printer lets you use it with both Android and IOS devices. Additionally, it is available in a lightweight design and you can take it anywhere you want.

It lets you connect it with the help of an app for having an easy operation. Moreover, you can even customize your photos before printing them. It lets you add filters, text, stickers, frames, and tile prints. Furthermore, the product will also let you have collage printing and you can print directly from social media.


  • App synch function for easy controls
  • Wireless printing directly from social media.
  • Customized prints for cool photos.


  • There is no such con.

6) Kodak Mini 2 Retro

Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable Photo Printer, 2.1x3.4” - Yellow, Compatible with iOS, Android & Bluetooth Devices, 4Pass Technology & Laminating Process

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With this portable photo printer, you will be able to print high-quality photos. It can provide multiple ribbon layers so that there will be waterproof and fingerprint-proof photos. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any wires as it comes with the Bluetooth feature. All you have to do is connect to your smartphone using the Kodak mobile app.

The product is also very easy to use and comes with maximum compatibility. Additionally, this will let you go for both border and borderless printing. It enables you to take pictures at various functions and comes with multiple editing capabilities. Furthermore, this is available in a complete set and includes eight sheets.


  • Multiple ribbon layers for waterproof prints.
  • Powerful editing capabilities for great performance.


  • The color quality of printing could be better.

Buying Guide 

Print Quality: Consider investing in a portable photo printer that provides high-quality prints. It must support high resolution so that there will be life-like images. You can even find the one that provides multiple ribbon layers for having fingerprint-proof and waterproof photos.

Bluetooth: With Bluetooth function, you can easily connect it with your smartphone. This is a vital consideration and it must let you use it with both Android and IOS devices.

Editing Options: Always see if it comes with powerful editing tools. You can see if it allows you to add filters, texts, memes, and stickers. It has to be perfect for taking cool and fun printouts.

Wi-Fi and Paper Size Support: The one that comes with Wi-Fi compatibility eliminates the need for having any cables. It allows you to print directly from the internet as well as different social media platforms. Additionally, you will have to consider the supported paper size. Look for the one that lets you have both border and borderless printing.


We have selected these portable photo printers based on several parameters so that you get the best value for money. You should go through the buying guide first so that you can understand the buying parameters. Thereafter, you should go through the products and compare them before choosing the perfect product.

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