Best Canon Printers in India 2022 – For Home & Office Use

Canon Printers are considered as the best printers for an office & home in terms of performance and efficiency. Regardless of the reason why you are planning to buy the printer, you can easily find a perfect Canon printer for your needs. The Canon printers are one of the best printers available in the market for every category of buyers. 

In all, if you were looking for a printer that performs well and has industry-leading features, then we will suggest you try your hands on the Canon Printers according to your needs and budget. The performance and efficiency of the Canon Printers are not going to disappoint you in any case. 

Our Top Pick

This article will help you choose an ideal Canon Printer for your office & home. And if you are not sure that which Canon printer is worth buying for your needs, then we will also suggest six of the best-in-class Canon printers that are worth buying for the office & homeowners. So, be with us until the end of the article and buy a perfect Canon printer for your office & home. 

Benefits of Choosing a Canon Printer for your office & home

AS said, Canon printers are known for their efficiency and performance. However, there are numerous other benefits that you can avail by buying a Canon printer for your office & home. In this section, we are going to talk about a few important benefits that make Canon a perfect brand for printers. Go through them, and if you feel that these benefits are worthy enough to consider, then find an ideal Canon printer and avail all these, along with many others.

  • Great Set of features
  • Brilliant after-sales services
  • Best-in-class warranty
  • Great value for money

So, if you were after any of the above-listed points, we will suggest you to look no further than the Canon printers for yourself. Try your hands on any of the Canon Printer and you aren’t going to be disappointed by the performance. 

Canon Printers to Buy for office & home

If you are confused by the wide range of models from Canon, then here are the six f the best options from the brand that you can choose for your office & home. Go through the list, and choose the most reliable and suitable printer for your office & home. 

#1 Canon Pixma TS207


For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a perfect single function printer that is compact, has best-in-class features and is a reliable choice for the price, the TS207 is an ideal choice. The TS207 is the first choice for those buyers who are looking to buy their first-ever printer for their office & home and do not want to invest a big amount to it.

Apart from being extremely affordable, there are numerous other things to talk about the Canon Pixma TS207. Some of such features that make it a great printer for office & home are listed below. Go through them, and if you think that the printer is worth buying, try finding the best deal on the printer and grab it before the deals and stocks end. 

  • Easy setup
  • Relatively faster prints than the printers of this range
  • Highly efficient use of ink

Along with these three, there are numerous things that make TS207 a great buy. So, if you were planning to buy your first ever printer and are looking for a reliable buy, the Canon TS207 can be a great buy. 

#2 Canon PIXMA E3370All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

The USB and Wi-Fi feature of the printer makes it great for having better flexibility. It also comes with Wi-Fi Direct for stable and reliable connectivity. Furthermore, it supports multiple functions including copying and scanning. The high page yield design makes it ideal for any small office. It delivers incredible performance with high print resolution. 

You can even set the copy size with the intuitive icons on the LCD display. It lets you go completely Cloud printing to prevent dealing with wires. It is available in a compact design and delivers powerful performance. The low-cost printing can also be great for having maximum efficiency. You don’t have to worry about buying anything extra as it comes in a complete set.

  • Low-cost printing provides delivers efficient performance.
  • High print resolution for superior performance.
  • Cloud printing support prevents dealing with wires.
  • Wi-Fi direct feature for a stable connection.

If you are looking for an overall good printer from all perspectives, Canon PIXMA E3370 printer is the one for you.

#3 Canon PIXMA G2020 NV Ink Tank Colour Printer

The printer comes with high compatibility so that you can use it with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The printer also lets you print on pages of different sizes. It offers all-in-one functionality and can even scan and copy. The USB connectivity system ensures there will be secure printing. It can offer high-quality printing with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI. 

The high-volume printing makes it ideal for homes and small offices. It has a compact footprint that can be great for limited spaces. It lets you have an easy operation with the LCD display panel. With it, you can utilize the pages as it supports borderless printing. You will also find a replaceable print head along with a maintenance cartridge for reducing downtime.

  • Replaceable print head reduces downtime.
  • LCD display panel for hassle-free operation.
  • Maximum compatibility allows use with different operating systems.
  • High volume printing for maximum productivity.

If you are looking for amazing printing quality, this is no better option you will find other than Canon PIXMA G2020 NV Ink Tank Colour Printer.

#4 Canon PIXMA TS3370s All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Color Printer

Equipped with an LCD display, it lets you have an easy operation. It comes with high compatibility so that you can use it with different types of operating systems. The all-in-one printer can even scan and copy. With it, you can directly go for mobile printing. It comes with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct functionality that supports Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Canon Print Service.

There is also a USB cable. It can be perfect for saving power as it supports auto power on and off. You don’t have to go with the fuzzy wires by printing directly from mobile phones and tablets. Despite being very compact, it is highly functional. It also comes with the feature of secure print that can be perfect for preventing confidential printouts.

  • Secure print feature prevents confidential printouts.
  • Auto power on function for user convenience.
  • Cloud print support for hands-free printing.
  • LCD display panel for easy controls.

If you are looking for a printer for flawless wireless printing, Canon PIXMA TS3370s printer is great for you.

#5 Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Printer 

For the buyers who are looking for a feature-rich, reliable and affordable printer that has all the features that an ideal printer should have and is available for the buyers at a great price. Canon E4270 can be a brilliant buy. With a wide range of features, great control panel, and reliable printing, this is a brilliant choice for the office & homeowners.

Some of the best features that make it an ideal MFD for office & home users are

So, if you were looking for a great value for money product that not only performs well but also has great features along with easy maintenance, the Canon E4270 will be an ideal buy. So, instead of looking for a high-end printer that cost over 10K and has a limited set of features, we will recommend you to go with this amazingly designed printer which will be a great buy for you. 

#6 Canon Pixma TS307 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer

Ideal for limited spaces, it is available in a compact size. It supports different types of operating systems for user advantage. What makes it deliver incredible performance is that it lets you have direct smartphone copying. With the one-touch direct wireless connectivity, you can have easy mobile printing. All you have to do is to connect to Wi-Fi and select the access point. 

The product also lets you go for borderless printing to photos of 4R size. It includes an installation CD for having better convenience. You will also find USB connectivity so that there will be reliable performance. It lets you move it conveniently as it is available in a lightweight design. The printer also comes with an onsite manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

  • Installation guide for easy setup.
  • One-touch direct wireless connectivity for flexible configuration.
  • Compact design enables saving space.
  • Direct smartphone copying system prevents dealing with wires.

If you are going to use a printer occasionally as per requirements, this is perfectly suitable to serve your purpose. 

Buyer’s Guide for Finding a Perfect Canon Printer 

In case you aren’t sure that which Canon printer will be a great choice for your office & home, here’s a brief buyers’ guide that can help you buy an ideal printer according to your needs, and budget. Make sure that you keep these points in mind and you can easily find a perfect Canon Printer for your office & home.

  • Your Printing needs
  • The efficiency of the printer
  • Value for money
  • Warranty 

These four points play an extremely important role in buying a suitable printer for your office & home. So, make sure that these points are being considered while purchasing a new printer. 


In all, the Canon printers are amongst the best brands for buyers who are looking for an ideal printer for their office & homes. Along with the great design and best-in-class features, this brand has a great reputation among buyers. So, if you are looking for an easy to use, reliable, and feature-rich printer for yourself, choose a perfect Canon Printer for your office & home. 

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