Top 10 Benefits of Ink Tank Printer

Technological advancement has led to the creation and development of various electronic gadgets. Computers and printers have become a household item. In fact, these gadgets play a very vital role in the functioning of a business and education of children.

The change in business trends has created endless opportunity to work from home. There are different types of printers available in the market. The best of all is the ink tank printer, a type of printer that does not need a cartridge change, which in return saves money.

Best 3 Ink Tank Printers

What is an Ink Tank Printer?

This is the type of printer wherein the mechanism is such that they do not come with a built-in ink head that holds ink. The ink tank printer contains designated different types of the tank for each type of colour. The most common colours used in the ink tank printer is as follows cyan, yellow, black and magenta. This individual tank can be filled with the ink as and when required or empty. The ink tank printer models are comparatively expensive than the inkjet printers. However, the quality of the print and the cost of per print out is comparatively low.

The ink tank printer utilizes the bulk ink system that is installed within the printer. This system supplies continuous ink to the printer for printing of pages. In ink tank printer you need not worry about changing the cartridge every time it’s empty.

Top Benefits of the Ink Tank Printers

  1.   The printer comes with tanks that provide it with the ability to hold a large amount of ink. This option reduces the need to spend money on buying ink cartridges often. Further large tanks mean continuous printing, which is a necessity in business.
  2.   The cost of an ink tank printer is considerably more expensive than that of inkjet printers. But the print cost of an ink tank printer is less and economically. Continuous supply of ink had resulted in less printing cost of photos and high-end prints. But it does take time to start saving up under ink tank printers.
  3.   the most important factor customers look for while buying a printer is the yield. Or in other terms the number of pages that you can print in one filling. Under ink tank printers 6 to 7 thousand pages can be printed easily in one filling of the tank.
  4.   The best part of the ink tank printers is that they come with an integrated ink storage system. This feature of the printer reduces the disadvantages of any third party manufacturers. The tank is specifically designed for the printer making it highly efficient.
  5.   Ink tank printer offers the best quality prints available in the market. Ink tank printers end result is a hassle and mess free making it preferable type of printer.
  6.   The ink tank printer is made up of durable quality material making it strong and allowing for using the printer for a longer duration.
  7.   Ink tank printers are much more convenient to use as they come with features like wifi facility. The wifi connectivity of the printer makes the printing experience pleasant. One can print documents, photos and other picture from laptops and smartphones.
  8.   One reason why most of us do not prefer printers is the amount of work involved in setting up and installation. But ink tank printers are easy to set up and very easy to install.
  9.   The advancement of technology has designed the ink tank printers in a compact size making it easy to carry and transport. In ink tank printers the time is taken to print photos and the picture is less and pretty fast in comparison to inkjet printers.
  10.   Last but not least the number of features that you can find in ink tank printer is more. From USB and LAN connectivity, touch screen device, web printing, and app support. And also the use of ink tank printer is convenient 

In conclusion, it can be said that when you are considering to buy a printer think about the usage and applicability. Inkjet printers are best for good quality photo printing. Whereas if you are buying the printer for multiple usages from printing the posters to forms, and articles to school project it is always a better choice to buy ink tank printer. Additionally, the good thing about ink tank printer is that you need to worry about the cost involved in printing per copy. This means you can print as many photos as you wish without worrying about the cost.

Top models of the ink tank printer

Epson a Japan-based company and canon are the best in the field in making ink tank printers. Few best models in ink tank printer are as follows:

  1.   Canon Pixma G4010 ink tank printer is a multi-usage model. This printer can be used not only to print but scan and fax the same documents.
  2.   Epson 361 fast ink tank printer is one of the fastest printers available in this type. The printer can print up to 33 pages in black and 15 pages in colour. The printer comes with four ink bottles.

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